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Beauty Idea Diary Black Pearl Caviar Anti-Aging Eye Mask

These eye masks are for Anti-Aging and Firming and long lasting moisture with beneficial ingredients to help repair and maintain the delicate skin. Keeping it supple and radiant.

You can purchase these eye masks as single pairs or a box of 30. They come in a sealed packet and have a lot of essence. No scent and very easy to apply.

I do recommend staying still, or just laying back for the length of time you wear them as they are pretty slippery and can move around. I left mine on for about 40 minutes.

They are very cooling and refreshing when applied. I honestly didn't think they had really done much at all till I compared the before and after photos. Then I could see the difference. The under eye area was lighter, brighter and firmer. Some darker patches had definitely been lightened. You could see the area was plumper, firmer and a lot more hydrated. Plus, the fine lines in the corner of my eyes were definitely diminished. It's not drastic but they obviously work and I think would be very effective used regularly.

I'd definitely purchase this in the future.😊

Rating: 10/10 - As far as I am concerned, they definitely worked.

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