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Beauty Idea Diary Pearl Caviar Anti-Age Activating Mask

The Beauty Idea Diary is a new mask brand from Taiwan. It's well known for having an abundance of essence in each mask and I can see why. This mask was dripping in essence so much that it was running down my neck after applying it.

Pearl powder extract: an antioxidant that can boost cell renewal and reduce peroxidationa. Contains polysaccharides, amino acids, minerals and proteins to help skin rebuild collagen.
Caviar extract: helps increase firmness and elasticity, hydrates and soothes skin to give unique silky feeling to skin.

The fit of the mask wasn't the best, it wasn't very wide compared to most other masks and the eye holes were quite close together too - almost felt like I should have been a cyclops! I also had to cut longer slits either side of my nose to get the mask to sit properly across that area. It was no biggie to do that though but I'd rather not have to fiddle around.

My face was very red before hand and this mask definitely helped to calm my face, reducing the redness considerably and even my skin tone. My skin does feel very hydrated and soft too. It doesn't feel any firmer though.

Rating: 7/10 - Not bad but due to the fit I probably wouldn't purchase in the future. I just think it's suited to people with much smaller features/face.

Beauty Idea Diary Pearl Caviar Anti-Age Activating Mask

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