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Hanaka 2-Step Pore Eraser Blackheads Remover Mask

My Skin Type: Dry/Sensitive

So, tonight I thought I would try out the 2-Step Pore Eraser Blackheads Remover Mask by Hanaka. This mask is enriched with rose, chamomile, grape leaf, witch hazel, kaolin and aloe vera extracts. I usually use Shills, so I was very intrigued as to how this would compare to that.

First off, this mask has a much thicker viscosity and and reminds me of melted Mozarella. I used a brush to apply it, which as it turns out, was a good move. I would not have wanted to apply this with fingers because it wanted to go everywhere. It didn't actually require any going over though, like I would have to with the other black mask, to ensure proper coverage. So that was a definite plus.

It actually has quite a pleasant smell too and I think it took around 30-40 minutes to dry thoroughly. Though I did have two tiny spots that hadn't quite dried; that was because it was applied a little too thickly by me lol

My face got very itchy as it dried but it was purely because the mask got so tight. It did hurt a little more to remove than the other mask but nothing major. It definitely removed blackheads, filaments and dead skin. My skin felt very soft afterwards. The Step 2 pore-refining essence was also great; a watery essence which smelt very fresh (possibly the witch hazel).

Rating: 10/10 - Worked really well


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