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Hanaka Hydrogel Lip Patch Mask - Strawberry

I always need some extra lip care with as dry as it is here. I did a quick sugar scrub before trying this out, to prepare my lips for some pampering. I mostly think patches like these are gimmicky, but glad that wasn't the case with this one! I honestly am sold based on the packaging alone, such a sucker I am 😉.

However, I was pleasantly surprised & feel like this one delivered some decent results.
The patch is thin & a little more delicate than others I've tried. I ripped a tiny corner, but it was fine. The scent is sweet & the patch was pleasant (& fun) to wear. I topped it with the equally sweet apple scented Laneige Lip Mask and still had soft lips this morning. I would rate this lip mask an 8/10.


Hanaka Hydrogel Lip Patch Mask - Strawberry


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