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Hanaka Whip Soda Bright Mask Pack

Brand: hanaka
Flavour: whip soda bright pack
Material: cotton
Essence: creamy
Fit: kinda wonky, it has a lot of little cuts around and a tendency to slip down
Time: I wore it for about 20mins
Does it bubble? Yes but it didn't seem to go any bigger than what you see in the picture.
Effect: the packaging does say to remove mask and massage (which I dont think is possible because the essence is too sticky) and then rinse off the essence or whatever with water. It took quite a bit of rinsing but this doesn't seem too uncommon among bubbling masks. After rinsing my face did look a bit bright (probably due to cold water) but my tone was more even.

Hanaka Whip Soda Bright Mask Pack


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