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L'Herboflore Grape Anti-Aging Hydromask

This is the Grape Anti-Aging Hydromask 🍇😊

Ingredients: Grape Extract/ Sodium Hyaluronate

Properties: Grape extract is rich in polyphenols which strengthens and protects the skin. It also revitalizes the skin, reduces the effects of aging, and creates a healthy glow for the skin. Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin B5 enhance the moisture and radiance of the skin.

This mask was just as nice as the previous L'Herboflore mask that I tried a few days ago. Beautiful fit as always, smells slightly fruity; almost a little bit wine like. Heaps of essence too & some left over in the packet.

My skin was a little on the red side before hand and a bit dry.

After removing the mask my skin felt really hyrdated, it looked brighter and had a really nice glow to it.

Check out my Insta Stories for clips of me wearing & removing the mask! .

Rating: 10/10 - I feel like a broken record with the L'Herboflore masks but for me, they are THAT good!

L'Herboflore Grape Anti-Aging Hydromask


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