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L'Herboflore Royal Bird's Nest Nourishing Mask

Tonight's mask is from L'herboflore , one of my personal favorite Taiwanese brands
🌺 Royal Bird's Nest Nourishing Mask 🌺

🌺 This is a two piece mask, with the top & bottom piece separated into two packets. The essence is watery with no discernable scent.

The mask material is so soft & comfortable, though there isn't a nose piece it just goes straight across (I'll post a picture in my stories for those interested) it wasn't a problem & stayed moist & comfortable for about an hour.

Once removed my skin looked so bright, almost ghostly 👻 probably because I had some redness before the mask, this calmed all of that & left my skin smooth and even. This mask left me with stunning results & I would rate it at 9/10 as this was a great experience from beginning to end. I feel because of the light essence that this mask would be suitable for all skin types.

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