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Lovemore Mung Bean and Licorice Purifying Silk Mask

1. Brand: Lovemore
2. Flavour: mung bean and licorice
3. Material: Silk (maybe a blend?)
4. Scent: none, I detect nothing which is fine
5. Essence: clear thin gel. There isnt much extra in the packet which is probaly due to the double backing. 
6. Fit: this mask is much wider than it is tall. I had to cut the sides to make the mask fit better, but the mouth, eyeholes and nose fit very well. Overall it's a comfortable mask that doesn't stretch.
7. Effect: nicely hydrating, cooling and a little brightening/evening of my skin tone. The mask did not leave me tacky and I would almost describe it as a velvety finish. Overall would use again and definitely recommend an avocado wrap before too.

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