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Mirae Collagen & NMF 8mins Extreme Hydro Natural Repairing Mask

Ingredients: Gold particles, Collagen, NMF natural moisturizing factor, plant extracts squalene, golden brown algae, hyaluronic acid, Vitamins B5 derivative and moisture-locking particles. It provides an instant repairing moisture boost and is suitable for normal and sensitive skin.

This mask comes with a plastic backing and is quite literally dripping in essence. Not a watery essence, viscosity was slightly thicker than that. No discernible scent. You can see the tiny gold particles in the essence too. .

The fit was one of the best I have tried and felt like a second skin. It was hard to believe that I needed to wear the mask for just 8 minutes too. I wasn't really expecting much in that short time.

As you can see, my face before was quite red, irritated, dull and dry. After my face was much calmer and less red. It was brighter, felt firmer and was very hydrated. I was impressed that it did that in just 8 minutes.

I'd definitely purchase this in the future.😊

Rating: 10/10 - For me, it was pretty much perfect.

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