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My Scheming Herbal Anti-Acne Mask

🌿 Effects: This mask contains orris and green tea extracts which can balance oil secretion and relieve oily skin problems. Allantoin, Hamamelis, and Chamomile extracts in the mask can relieve problematic skin, reduce the appearance of pores, and moisturize and soothe the skin. 💆🏻✨ 🌿 Fit: The thin cotton mask for my face incredibly well, and adhered well after a minute or two. The forehead area was pretty big, but that's a plus for me.  #hugefourheadlife 😂 My Scheming masks always fit me so well!

🌿 Essence: 30ml of clear, runny essence. Lots left over in the packet. 💧

🌿 Scent: No perceptible scent. 👃🏻

🌿 Results: L💚VE this mask! My skin looked so smooth, even, and bright afterwards, and my pores looked noticeable smaller as well. I also had some hormonal acne along my jawline, and those were smaller/less inflamed as well. 🔟 out of 🔟, I'm going to rush out and purchase more ASAP!


My Scheming Herbal Anti-Acne Mask


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