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Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Snow Algae Mask

This is a bio cellulose mask that comes with two backings for better placement on the skin. Once I had the mask partially adhered I could already feel the material hugging my face, which is impressive as there was not any problems with slipping & sliding around. The essence is thin & the mask moist & saturated without any dripping. There was no extra essence in the packet, which is fine as the mask stayed moist & lasted about 45 minutes.

The star ingredient of this mask is Snow Algae (Coenochloris Signiensis Extract) which has some studies that note this as an anti-aging powerhouse & skin barrier protectant. There are plenty of hydrating & soothing extracts that make for great results. Upon removal my skin was calm, even toned, and my pores appeared significantly smaller. I enjoyed this mask a lot & would rate it a 7 out of 10. If you enjoy the bio cellulose masks or hydrogels that cool & calm your skin while pumping up the hydration you would definitely love this. I feel like it would also work for a variety of skin types.

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